Current Interests:

  • Entrepreneurship 🖥️
  • Early Childhood Education 🖍️
  • 60s & 70s R&B/Soul Music 🎹

Blog Posts:

I'm on hiatus from technical blogging but I'm always open to feedback or answering questions about my open source work and R packages

Deep Learning Image Classification with Keras and Shiny

I have to admit my initial thoughts of deep learning were pessimistic and in order to not succumb to impostor syndrome, I put off learning any new techniques in the growing sub field of machine learning, until recently. After attending... Read More

Automating GitHub Issue Creation with Python

I’m a stickler for To-do lists at work as they help me keep track of meeting notes, data science tasks, and professional development resources that I find. Last year, I began documenting my daily and weekly responsibilities in the form... Read More

One Year as a Data Scientist at Simple


It has been one year since joining the data science team at Simple. Although there have been changes in my role, my team and the company, overall its been a life changing experience filled with opportunity. I work... Read More