There are a lot of inquires and posts to add tags to jekyll-powered blogs on GitHub. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to add a tag in order to create a designated XML feed, necessary if you want to list your blog on aggregators and sites such as R-bloggers. Some features are extra to add social share buttons the the bottom of the page - so ignore those if it suits you.

  • Create a file called share-section.html in the “includes” folder.

  • Edit the css file main.css with the following code above the /— Pager —/ section label.

  • Edit the existing feed.xml file which lives in the root folder of the GitHub repo.

  • Create a file called r-bloggers-feed.xml in the root folder of the GitHub repo.

  • Edit your existing posts and add the tags line in the yaml header.

  • Congrats! - check out your newly rendered blog posts with the social share buttons at the bottom and the new tags created. Visit your new XML feed by going to the page, for example: - it will have a collection of your tagged post ready to submit to a blog roll.