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  • :pencil: gramr: This package wraps the command line tool, write-good to provide grammar checking functions for Rmd or md documents. It can be used as an RStudio Addin, or from the console or command line by supplying an .Rmd or .md filename.

  • :beers: ttbbeer: This is my first R package on CRAN. This package provides the data for materials used at U.S. breweries as listed in the Beer Monthly Statistical Releases. The motivation behind this package was to provide an analysis-ready data set as the original data is in PDF format. Now available on CRAN

  • :globe_with_meridians: shinyLP: This is my second R package on CRAN and it provides templates and functions for landing home pages for your shiny application - leading to a better UX for your users and writing less HTML for the developer. Now available on CRAN

  • :squirrel: dumas: My vanity R package filled with useful functions for data analysis and R development.

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