everything is so difficult in life, why should my website be?

If you have arrived here today, that means you are seeing a brand new layout and format of my personal site - and thanks for visiting!

My former site which is still available at the oldsite branch of my repository was not meeting my evergrowing need to easily aggreagte all of my online presence to one site. I’ve followed a fellow useR, Dean Attali on twitter for sometime now but have most recently paid particular attention to his great project, beautiful jekyll which is a easy-to-use template to make help you create an awesome Jekyll or GitHub Pages website quickly. I have previously just modified a cover template from the Bootstrap framework which gave me the chance to improve my web development knowledge, but everything is so difficult in life, why should my website be?

So, yesterday I researched and explored other beautiful jekyll users pages and found a realy fluid and easy template that satisfied most of my criteria, which were:

  1. A professional feel
  2. Easy blog authoring
  3. A place to display my amatuer photography
  4. Fluid page layout to store links and projects

I hope this site offers a great resource to others looking to enter the data science industry or if you just want to look at some interesting photos of my puppy! Cheers and many thanks to Dean!